About Us

Welcome to Rose-Blossom Shop

Our Mission: We want to help improve lives with eco-friendly, organic, products that are sustainable and ethically made. We want to inspire change.  

Our Values: We are committed to offer eco-friendly, organic, and natural products. No matter what path you follow on your journey towards eco-friendly, organic and natural health, our selection will not disappoint you. The best ingredients make the best products. Style and sustainability can live together. We strive to meet the natural product needs of our customers.

Meet our Founder: Diana has a passion for eco-friendly and organic living. It all started over 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She changed her diet and lifestyle, then her health started to improve. She is a certified raw food chef, has a passion for healthy living, and a former Respiratory Therapist. Her love for people has brought her to this point to share with you premier products for natural, eco-friendly and organic living.